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From the time you place your order, it can take 12-20 business days for that order to be made and to ship.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give me a call at 520-253-9227. I really enjoy speaking to customers and fellow dog lovers.

Also, when you call, PLEASE remember that I'm in Arizona. We don't do Daylight saving time either, so I'm 3 hours behind EDT or in the winter, 2 hours behind EST.

10 am until 5pm my time, M-F is a REALLY good time to call!

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Click HereDesign Notes

Here you will find beautiful trims that will be made into exquisite collars for your favorite canine friend! We have trims that are cute and whimsical, trims that are delicate and only for those very special occasions, trims that are funky and wild and trims that enhance your dogs 'girliness' or your males 'studliness!' No matter what your taste, you'll find something for your four legged friend that will tickle your fancy!

I make custom Martingale style collars, harnesses, side release collars, leashes, tag bags, and so much more.

If there is something specific that you are looking for and you don't see it here, drop me an email as I have a number of limited edition trims that are not pictured on the web site. Also, I may be able to contact my suppliers and find the items for which you are looking.

Please note that every collar you order is made when I receive your order. I do not pre-make collars or harnesses. If you need to return a collar please note that it is never re-sold. Any returned item is donated to the local greyhound group or the nearest animal shelter.

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We would be most happy to help you; simply contact us via Email or you can call Anne at 520-253-9227 between Noon and 8 pm EST (EDT).
Be sure to visit our site often to see what's new.



Click HereTamalee gives Majestic Collars 2 paws up!

Mom told me I was getting a new collar from Majestic Collars.
I'm so happy I can barely contain myself!

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